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'The body is the healer and however tempting it might be, we have to resist the desire to keep pushing and pushing to get a result. The Bowen Therapy balances and stimulates energy flows, resulting in a deep sense of overall relaxation. The restorative process begins once the body is relaxed, and continues as the body allows'


Bowen Therapy is a gentle, hands on, non-invasive therapy which promotes healing, pain relief and energy rebalancing. It is an effective, holistic therapy which empowers the body's own natural resources to encourage re-alignment of the body. There is no manipulation or adjustment of hard tissue and no force is needed or used. Substantial relief is frequently achieved after only one session. Bowen therapy is suitable for adults and children, including newborn babies and the elderly.

The Bowen Technique was pioneered by Tom Bowen (1916 – 1982) from Geelong, Australia. Tom Bowen thought of himself as an ‘initiator or facilitator’ for the body correcting and healing itself. He felt his moves were either ‘positive’ or ‘negative’. Positive moves excited energy flow while negative moves block or reflected that energy. These energy ‘signals’ then challenged the brain to ‘remember’ how the body structure should be and to do what was necessary to balance and re-align itself.

A Bowen therapist will use thumbs and fingers on precise points in the body to make rolling type movements. This movement will disturb muscles, soft tissue and energy within the body. Between each set of moves, the therapist will allow the body to rest and will leave the room. This gives the body time to make subtle and fine adjustments to relieve tension, reduce pain and initiate the healing process.

The gentle yet powerful Bowen moves send neurological impulses to the brain resulting in immediate responses of muscle relaxation and pain reduction. The moves create energy surges which are concentrated in specific areas of the body. Electrical impulses sent to the nervous system remind the body to regain normal movement in joints, muscles and tendons. This helps relieve muscle spasms and tension and assist recovery from injury.

The Bowen moves can:

  • Stimulate energy flow
  • Facilitate lymphatic drainage of toxins and waste
  • Promote good circulation
  • Release tension
  • Increase mobility
  • Encourage the body to relax, realign and heal itself


What can Bowen Therapy treat?

The Bowen Technique is a holistic therapy so it does not just address the symptoms, the whole body is treated and re-balanced.

Conditions which have responded well to the Bowen Technique are:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Migraine
  • Asthma
  • Hay fever
  • Respiratory / Digestive problems
  • Fertility problems
  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Sciatica
  • Knee, ankle and foot problems
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)
  • Infantile Colic

The Bowen Technique can reduce physical, emotional and mental stress and it can be used as a means of stress management and health maintenance.


What does a Bowen Therapy treatment involve?

A confidential consultation form will be completed and the reasons for the treatment discussed. The treatment is carried out on a treatment couch, however if this is uncomforatable or painful for the client it can be carried out seated. Bowen treatment consists of a series of gentle rolling moves using thumbs and fingers which are performed on key points on the body. During the treatment there are short breaks where the client is left resting and the therapist leaves the room. These breaks allow the body time to respond to the Bowen moves and start to make subtle and fine adjustments within the body which helps the body to re-balance, relieving tension and reducing pain.

A treatment will take approximately 45 minutes and can be performed through light clothing or directly on the skin. The number of treatments needed varies from person to person; sometimes only one or two treatments are needed to achieve lasting relief, however further treatments may be required. Treatments are usually carried out 5-10 days apart as this timeframe has given the body the time to respond to the treatment and make any adjustments. It is recommended that in order to obtain the full benefit, other 'hands-on' therapies are not applied less than 7 days before or after Bowen as these may interfere with the healing process.

As Bowen Therapy acts as an 'initiator for change', the body makes the adjustments itself. Therefore one of the benefits of Bowen therapy is that once a condition has been treated, the symptoms will not re-appear unless re-trauma occurs; therefore many people do not need to have continuous treatments.

Case Studies

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Male, Aged 34

PB, a plasterer was suffering with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. His symptoms were numbness, pins and needles and pain in his hands and on bad days these symptoms would spread to his elbows and shoulders. The pain was unbearable and he was told the only option would be to have surgery. However, after two Bowen treatments, all symptoms disappeared and he could work without suffering any pain.

Hay fever

Female, Aged 38

JT suffered with hay fever for many years. Her eyes would stream, her nose would run, her throat was sore and she sneezed constantly. These symptoms often lasted for up to an hour after contact with hay / grass / pollen. JT used nose and eye drops four times a day and used antihistamine tablets which often made her feel very drowsy. JT had three bowen treatments and noticed that during the course of the treatments all symptoms subsided. At the beginning of spring, JT has a course of three treatments which alleviate the hay fever symptoms.


Female, Aged 30

KH suffered with migraines since she was 12 years old. These were very debilitating and could occur up to three times a week. After having three Bowen treatments, she noticed a marked improvement. The number of migraines and duration of the migraines reduced considerably. KH continues to have Bowen treatments every couple of months as this therapy helps to manage the symptoms of her migraines. Also Bowen Therapy gives her increased energy levels and a feeling of well being.


Female, Aged 14

RB suffered with asthma. This severely limited the amount of time she spent playing sport - she used her inhaler at least three times a day. After one treatment, she noticed that she only needed to use her inhaler once during the week and was able to play more sport and be active.