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My first session has really helped me with my hayfever - for the first time since I can remember, I have only had minor irritation. Since my treatment with you, it seems to have had a very positive effect on me, even through some of the highest pollen days this year.

Mark Ellis, Fareham


To quote my daughter "the pain has gone out of your eyes".  After 18 months of debilitating sciatica, I am nearly pain free after a couple of Bowen treatments with Fiona.  What joy!

FW, Crondall

Sciatica / Back pain

Dear Fiona, This letter is long overdue in the writing, I have had nearly two great years of existence almost pain free, and when I have had the twinges you have worked the Bowen Therapy magic and sorted it out immediately. I remember Easter two years ago when a very distressed individual called as he was unable to walk and in bed, this was after many failed sessions of chiropractic treatment, physiotherapy and even acupuncture and lower back injections, what's more, suffering from sciatica constantly (being a gardener and a wannabe smallholder) really was bad news; this episode was the last straw!

After two sessions I could walk close to normal, the pain level had dropped by 60% plus, and after 6 sessions I felt like I had never felt in the last 6 years; pain free! This is not to say that you can just forget about Bowen and never need it again. Your body is finely tuned and although it withstands alot, you will undoubtedly need to came back to cure the little ills that may occur! In my experience I have the odd back problem and sense it coming so get booked in with Fiona to nip it in the bud. Not only that, the Bowen seems provide you with a reinvigoration and new energy that provides su ch a lovely feeling it is worth having a regular MOT every 6 months. I certainly benefit from this and would recommend Fiona's Bowen Therapy sessions to anyone as it will make a difference to you.

Paul Collins, Fleet

Back and Neck pain

I first came across the Bowen Technique whilst listening to Radio London a few years ago, googled it and came up with a list of therapists local to Ash Vale. Fiona was the nearest, or actually was the person who on her website looked the most approachable!  It was very obvious from the start that this was going to be very different from an osteopathic treatment which I'd used quite successfully, for a back and neck injury, for a number of years.  Bowen is unusual in comparison because the treatment is very gentle, relaxing and often only takes one appointment for you to feel instantly more mobile and free from pain. I think the treatments are better in the afternoon/evening as you can feel tired afterwards. You need to drink plenty of water and keep mobile.  I would recommend this treatment and even though I'm currently pain free, I am about to have a maintenance appointment to feel more 're-aligned' in order to try to pre-empt any injury or pain that may occur due to poor posture, etc.

S Barnard, Ash Vale

Bells Palsy

A few years ago I woke up one morning and the right side of my face had dropped. My lip drooped, my speech had deteriorated, the entire right side of my face felt very tight and I could not shut my right eye which meant my eye became dry and painful; I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. I was very distressed as the symptoms had literally appeared over night and I had no idea how long they would last, I was told they may last only a couple of weeks or they could last over two years. I felt I had no control over this condition, my confidence was severely affected and I knew the stress I was feeling was likely to make my symptoms worse. It was recommended that I try Bowen Therapy. After my first treatment I could not believe the results, my face had re-aligned itself, the tightness in my face was much reduced and my speech really improved. The result slowly wore off, however further Bowen treatments followed the same pattern and the length of time my symptoms reduced after each treatment increased. I realised that Bowen Therapy was not only alleviating my physical symptoms but it really alleviated my stress levels as I was getting such good results after each session, it gave me hope. I would say today that I have recovered, however if ever I feel the symptoms starting to return (tightness around my right ear and cheek) I immediately have Bowen Therapy as I know it prevents the symptoms re-appearing. I know my recovery from this condition has been greatly aided with Bowen Therapy.

G Channelle, Guildford

Shoulder and Knee pain

I would like to thank you for introducing me to your wonderful Bowen treatment. About 3 years ago I had an awful problem with a frozen shoulder and recently I have had a knee problem and you and your magic fingers helped sort me out both times and I now feel great. I have also recommended you to 2 of my friends and they are equally impressed with Bowen - such a gentle but very effective treatment and much better than relying on pills, etc. Thank you so much - keep up the good work.

M Coleman, Kent